Upgrading from SANsymphony 7 or SANmelody 3 to SANsymphony -V R8

In December 2011, DataCore Software released the long awaited build of SANsymphony-V (rev. R8.1 PSP1 Update2) that allows an in-place upgrade from previous versions of SANsymphony and SANmelody. Specifically, this update provides the ability to perform a Hot or Cold in-place upgrade over an existing SANmelody 3.0 PSP4 update 3 (or greater) or SANsymphony 7.0 PSP4 update 3 (or greater) install.

The upgrade must be handled in accordance with DataCore’s technical support policies and it must be performed by a qualified DCIE.

2 thoughts on “Upgrading from SANsymphony 7 or SANmelody 3 to SANsymphony -V R8

  1. Hello! I am using a SAN Melody 3.0 Software since 2007 .
    and Currently, I Planned the 6-years old used IBM Server(Appliance) changed new Server.
    SAN Melody is End of Life(2012.12).
    Am I Upgrading from SANmelody 3 to SANsymphony -V R9 ?
    Upgrade License is Free of charge? I don’t Konw What to do…
    How can I DO ? Please Send e-Mail to me.

    • Check with DataCore support on your upgrade options. There are very specific upgrade procedures involved in order to ensure the upgrade process goes perfect.

      As long as your support contract is current, you are eligible for upgrades to the latest version.

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