EMC to End Support for the CX3 Series

EMC is about to reach EOSL (End-Of-Service-Life) on one of their major product lines, the CX3. This will occur on March 31, 2014. The price tag for a CX3-40, for example, with three years support was over $500k. Most would agree that even when enterprise storage platforms reach the “vendor-end-of-life” status, the platforms are still rock solid, albeit, a little bit behind the curve from a performance and capacity perspective.

What is someone to do in this scenario? Well, most would default to what the hardware vendors would love you to do… $$ buy a new one!!! $$ There is a better way though. Imagine keeping the platform in use, extending the life of your investment, and even making it run faster than the brand new model the hardware vendor wants to sell you. Sound impossible? It’s not, or else I wouldn’t waste my time talking about it. You can accomplish this by using SANsymphony-V from DataCore Software.

But here is the best part. Not only can you still continue to leverage your CX3, you can now integrate, unify, and accelerate any block level SAN or storage device you have today or in the future. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, or else… well, you know why.

DataCore has been doing this for over 16 years and is now on it’s ninth generation of SANsymphony-V. And if that wasn’t enough, it gets even better. Perhaps your CX3 didn’t come with all the bells-and-whistles. No problem! SANsymphony-V comes with all the modern enterprise features such as fibre channel/iSCSI support, synchronous and asynchronous mirroring, snapshot, continuous data protection, thin provisioning, auto-tiering, and much much more.

Then, when the day finally comes, when you can no longer buy CX3 drives on eBay (LOL, sorry) and the good folks over at the Antiques Roadshow are knocking on your door, you can decommission the CX3 safely and completely with no downtime or disruption of any kind. SANsymphony-V will automatically migrate all the data off the CX3 to the remaining disks still in production. You will be a rock-star and the money your company saved by leveraging SANsymphony-V can be paid out as your bonus. (DataCore makes no guarantees, warranties, or representations for the previous ‘rock-star’ and ‘bonus’ statement) :p

If you care for your storage environment and the money your company spends on storage, please check out SANsymphony-V at: DataCore Software

You can also find the EOSL document from EMC here: Release and EOSL Dates – All Hardware Products

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