DataCore drops SPC-1 bombshell delivering 5.1 Million IOps

The Fort Lauderdale boys have struck again, with a record-breaking run of 5 million IOPS, and maybe killed off every other SPC-1 benchmark contender’s hopes for a year or more.

DataCore Software, head-quartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has scored 5,120,098.98 SPC-1 IOPS with a simple 2-node Lenovo server set-up, taking the record from Huawei’s 3 million-plus scoring OceanStore 18800 v3 array, which needs multiple racks and costs $2.37m. The DataCore Parallel Server configuration costs $505,525.24, almost a fifth of Huawei’s cost.

It is astonishing how SPC-1 results have rocketed in the past few years, as Huawei and Hitachi/HPE and Kaminario have sent results above the 1 million IOPS mark.

What seemed ground-breaking at first is now viewed as ordinary; a million SPC-1 IOPS? Okay, move on. Five million, though, is more than the previous top two results combined and comes from just a pair of hybrid flash/disk servers, not a super-charged all-flash array.

Find full article here:

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