DataCore’s Sixth Annual “State of Software-Defined Storage, Hyperconverged and Cloud Storage” Survey Reveals Top Business Drivers, Technology Disappointments and False Starts

Software-Defined Storage Leads in Top Categories for 2017 Spending;
Surprising Insights Revealed about Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Flash
and other Much-Hyped Technologies

May 23, 2017
DataCore, a leading provider of
software-defined storage
hyperconverged infrastructure
solutions powered by
Adaptive Parallel I/O technology, today announced the results of its
sixth annual survey
, designed to explore the impact of major software-driven storage
deployments within organizations across the globe. The survey distills the
positive expectations, disappointments, and experiences of 426 IT
professionals who are currently using or evaluating software-defined
storage, hyperconverged and cloud storage to solve critical data storage
challenges. The results yielded surprising insights from a cross-section of
industries over a wide range of workloads.

The survey probed for levels of spending on technologies including
software-defined storage, flash technology, hyperconverged storage, private
cloud storage and OpenStack. Software-defined storage topped the charts in
2017 spending, with 16% reporting that software-defined storage represented
11-25% of their allocated budget, and 13% representing that it made up more
than 25% of their allocated budget for storage (the
highest of any category). Unexpectedly, the findings showed that very
little funding is being earmarked in 2017 for much-hyped technologies such
as OpenStack storage, with 70% of respondents marking it “not applicable.”

The report also reveals major business drivers for implementing
software-defined storage. The top business drivers that participants
reported for implementing software-defined storage were:

  • To simplify management of different models of storage – 55%;
  • To future-proof infrastructure – 53%;
  • To avoid hardware lock-in from storage manufacturers – 52%; and
  • To extend the life of existing storage assets – 47%.

Only 6% of those surveyed said they were not considering a move to
software-defined storage.

One of the more interesting questions asked — What technology
disappointments or false starts have you encountered in your storage
infrastructure?” — revealed the following top three answers:

  1. Cloud storage failed to reduce costs – 31%;
  2. Managing object storage is difficult – 29%;
  3. Flash failed to accelerate applications – 16%.

Also noteworthy is that the top two environments that respondents believe
experience the most severe performance challenges (where storage is
suspected to be the root cause) are databases and enterprise applications
(ERP, CRM, etc.). The need for faster databases and data analytics is
driving new requirements for technologies that optimize performance and
meet demand for real-time responses. This is critical for business insights
and to power technologies such as the Internet of Things. However, many
feel that current technologies designed to accelerate performance and
decrease latency also bring along significant disruptions to existing
applications, greater complexity and higher costs.

Additional highlights of DataCore’s sixth annual survey include:

  • A look at the current state of hyperconverged infrastructure, including
    lower than expected deployment numbers. A majority of respondents
    stated they were either not considering hyperconverged at all (33%) or
    were strongly considering it but haven’t deployed it yet (34%). 20% of
    respondents said that they have a few nodes; 7% are in
    major deployment(s), while only 6% are standardized on it.

  • As prevalent as flash has become, only a small number of respondents
    reported a large amount of storage capacity assigned to it. About 60%
    of respondents fell within the category of having less than 10% to 20%
    of total capacity assigned to flash.

  • In looking at applications deemed ready for a hybrid cloud
    infrastructure, the primary types of applications users are willing to
    move to a public cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure were select
    enterprise applications (i.e. Salesforce) – 33%, data analytics – 22%;
    and databases – 21%.

  • To view the entire report, including additional findings on
    software-defined storage, hyperconverged storage, cloud storage, and
    related storage technologies, please visit:

DataCore’s “State of Software-Defined Storage, Hyperconverged and Cloud
Storage” survey was conducted in late 2016 through April 2017. Respondents
came from a diverse set of organizations, both in size and industry,
providing statistically significant insights into the similarity in needs
for software-driven storage over a wide range of IT environments.
Participants were located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia,
Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand in a range of vertical
market segments including financial services, healthcare, government,
manufacturing, education, IT services and other related industries. 44
percent of respondents were from organizations with fewer than 500
employees, 37 percent of respondents from organizations with between 500
and 5,000 employees, and 19 percent from organizations with more than 5,000

About DataCore

DataCore is a leading provider of
software-defined storage
hyperconverged infrastructure
solutions powered by
Adaptive Parallel I/O technology, delivering higher performance, greater application workload productivity
and cost savings. DataCore leverages the multi-core advances and cost
efficiency of off-the-shelf x86 server platforms to overcome the IT
industry’s biggest problem, the I/O bottleneck. With DataCore, customers
enjoy faster application response times and lower costs by making full use
of their available computing resources to multiply productivity. The
SANsymphony™ software-defined storage product pools diverse storage despite
differences and incompatibilities among manufacturers, models, and
generations of equipment. The software can span multiple locations and
devices to bring them under the control of a common set of enterprise-wide
data services for management automation and infrastructure simplification.
DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software provides similar services
using the internal or direct-attached storage spread across physical or
virtual servers in a cluster.

The company has been privately held since its founding in 1998, and today
has more than 10,000 customer sites across the globe. DataCore solutions
are also available within turnkey appliances from hardware manufacturers
including Lenovo. Visit

or call (877) 780-5111 for more information.

DataCore, the DataCore logo and SANsymphony are trademarks or
registered trademarks of DataCore Software Corporation. Other DataCore
product or service names or logos referenced herein are trademarks of
DataCore Software Corporation. All other products, services and company
names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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