The Top Five of 2017

Earlier this month, we took a look back at our top five blogs, whitepapers and webinars of 2017 as we embarked on 2018 as a time to strategize and outline business plans for the year ahead. We got such a great response to the series that we wanted to put all of the resources in one place for our readers – enjoy!

It’s a Hybrid Cloud World

The cloud. It’s where everybody wants to put everything, but the fact is, there are some applications that need to remain on premise. These applications face obstacles – latency, intermittent connectivity, and regulation requirements, among others – that prevent them from moving fully to the cloud. As a result, hybrid cloud technologies will continue to grow in importance in the year ahead.

How to Optimize SQL Server Instances You Can’t Control

As a database professional, you know the standard procedure when one of your SQL servers is slow; collect data and identity bottlenecks, then modify queries, indexes or pertinent configurations to try to speed things up. If you can go through this process quickly, test your changes, deploy your solution to production, and verify that it all works, great. Everyone is happy and you are the hero.

However, sometimes